Internship Program

Daufenbach Camera is looking for candidate for our Internship Programs. This is an unpaid internship and strictly a volunteer for experience program. The programs run between 3-4 months each quarter and a minimum of 8 hours is required. We are looking for driven, hardworking, and passionate interns to work and learn at Daufenbach.


The Administrative Program is a hands-on experience dedicated to teaching how a rental house office works.  Interns will gain a better understanding of the producing and administrative side of the industry. Highly recommended for producer or office manager, logistics, or accountant minded people.

Interns will learn to handle issues that may come up in a production efficiently and effectively.  They will also gain experience in networking with people in the industry. Our interns will get a chance to work with producers, directors of photography, camera assistants, other rental houses and insurance agencies.  Also, they will assist rental coordinators in ensuring that jobs run smoothly.

Our goal is to help our interns succeed in the film industry, no matter what role they want to play.  The Administrative Program is focused on the business side of it all. We are looking for organized, well-spoken and goal orientated interns to work and learn at our company as we continue to grow and expand. 


The Operations Program is a hands-on experience in the order fulfillment and inventory control. Interns will assist and learn about pulling orders, troubleshooting camera builds, job fulfillment, handling gear, inventory organization and researching technology. Interns will have the opportunity to meet and assist professional cinematographers and camera assistants. 


In the Service Program, our interns have the opportunity to work closely with the camera equipment, as they help with checking in gear, inventory management and basic gear maintenance.

This will give our interns a comfort level with the identification and basic handling of high end camera equipment that will benefit them as they move on to work on professional productions. Other duties include department organizational projects and delivery of equipment throughout the Chicago production community.

Marketing / Rentals

The Marketing Program is designed for individuals interested in coordinating, production, producing, marketing, and technology application and practices. Interns will work with rental coordinators and learn about coordinating and building orders. 

Internship Program Application

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