What our clients have to say...

My company has used Daufenbach Camera for a number of our spots. From shooting product inserts to national commercials to web spots and we’ve been extremely happy. They been really incredible in terms of being supportive and flexible. Anything can happen in production and they are more than willing to work with us even sending camera accessories out to the shoot if need be. They have our backs and look out for us. What I like most about Daufenbach Camera is that they are progressive thinkers and constantly upgrading their equipment. They always have the latest equipment and the most up-to-date software. They a great vendor and very creative. I can describe what we are looking for in a shoot and Lawrence will make suggestions on what the best equipment is for us to use. They are a very trustful partner and we count on them.
— Craig L.
The people at Daufenbach Camera will treat you right. When I go there I am not treated as just another customer, they make you feel like a partner. I have been using for the past couple months to rent cameras and they have exceeded my expectations. Lawrence is very personal and his employees are equally as great. They gave us what we wanted and were honest with the pricing. I love how they are excited about the projects their equipment is on. They essentially become part of the crew and not just a rental house.
— Mike E.
I do a lot of work for Luna Carpets and we are always in need for equipment for the multiple shots I do. Thanks to Daufenbach Camera I am always able to find what I need. The staff and the customer service is excellent. They are informative and intuitive in explaining the features of the camera so I get the best use of it. They are very knowledgeable about their products. I can tell they have a film background as well as a technical experience. It is rare that they do not have an answer for any questions I have. Daufenbach Camera is the only place I would go to rent equipment.
— Chris L.
I met Lawrence from Daufenbach Camera about a year ago and have used him multiple times to rent their red epic and 3D cameras. My company produces and distributes documentaries and we love that he has the gear for us to produce 3D digital content. Every time we have dealt with them it has been a great experience. My employees often tell me how much they enjoy working with his cameras and they are very helpful. If we need something in the field, Lawrence will send someone out to help us out. They all great guys to work with, Lawrence and his entire crew. What stands out the most is the quality of service they provide. He is very responsive more than willing to work with us to make sure we are satisfied.
— Rob G.
Daufenbach Camera is great. If your in the Midwest and in need of a RED camera, Daufenbach is the place. For the last five years, I have rented from Daufenbach. In one instance, I was in need of help while Lawrence was on vacation, but that did not stop him from making sure one of his employees took care of me. Thanks so much for the great customer service and for always being there when I need it.
— Jorie S.
I’ve used Daufenbach Camera multiple times for a variety of reasons. I used them to rent camera gear for indie films I was shooting. I also used them to hire 3D techs. When I rent a camera from Daufenbach, an employee comes out to the shoot to make sure you get full use of the gear since they are an expert on the camera. They are really skilled and know their equipment very well which is a nice option to have. The prices are also very reasonable and they are easy to work with. I really like them because they are really passionate about film making and not there just as a business, they ideally love the art of making films and are very creative. I really enjoy see the guys from Daufenbach Camera and recommend them to anyone in the film making industry.
— Kathryn H.