135mm Cooke Mini S4/i T2.8

135mm Cooke Mini S4/i T2.8


The 135mm T2.8 miniS4/i Cine Lens from Cooke comes with an illustrious heritage: most Hollywood films made in the first half of the 20th century were shot with Cooke lenses. Now, Cooke has revived the brand with a new set of lenses that further extend the company's reputation for quality into the digital era. These lightweight, cost-effective companions to Cooke's already established S4/i lenses carry over the most desirable features of their more expensive brethren, sacrificing only a single T-stop in the process. And yet with their aperture range of T2.8 to T22, the Cooke miniS4/i remain extremely flexible and make up for light sensitivity with reduced size, weight, and cost.

This 135mm lens is a prime (no pun intended) example: its PL mount makes it compatible with the most commonly used professional digital cinema cameras, including the RED ONE, Sony F35 and F3, Canon C300 PL, and Arri D21. Color-matched and interchangeable with all Cooke lenses, this lens combines classic, hand-fitted construction with a linear iris, cam-style focus, and /i Technology – which provides EXIF-like data to camera operators, cinematographers, and post-production technicians requiring precise measurements of lens and camera settings.

Product Highlights:

  • Covers Epic S35mm Format Sensor

  • Fast T2.8 Maximum Aperture

  • Color-Matches All Cooke Lenses

  • /i Technology for Metadata Capture

  • S4/i-Like Construction

  • Linear Iris

  • Cam-Style Focus

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