25mm Zeiss Super Speed MKIII T1.3

25mm Zeiss Super Speed MKIII T1.3


The famous Zeiss Super Speed Prime Lenses have been in use for decades, and are a great choice for many productions, adding experience and personality to the image. Their fast aperture of T1.3, small body and flattering image rendition, make them a favorite of many cinematographers.

The Mark III version improves on previous housings. They have a gear on the iris ring and a different focus helix thread that allows rotation of nearly a full turn. Mark III focus scales are larger in diameter than Mark II. The focus marks are larger and have witness lines engraved underneath to show exactly where each distance is calibrated. The marks are oriented at 90º to the lens mount instead of on the axis as with the Mark II. There is one scale for each side of the lens, so the AC doesn't have to flip the lens over to have the focus scale available when switching sides on the camera.

Product Highlights:

  • Close Focus - 10”

  • Front Diameter - 80mm

  • Weight - 2lbs

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