Cineped Quatro Slider

Cineped Quatro Slider


The Cineped 3.5' Rotational Camera Slider is designed to provide smooth operation with camera packages that weigh up to 120 pounds. The Cineped is much more than a slider, it features the ability to rotate on its center axis, making a large number of camera movements available to the user. For smoothest operation of the slider, the manufacturer recommends applying silicone spray lubricant before and after use, this will help clean and lubricate the track. Wipe excess spray and dirt off with the jumbo Filmtools cleaning cloth.


  • Provide great Hollywood-Style of slight camera movement
  • Slight camera movement is not possible only with the tripod
  • Slight camera movement looks elegant and graceful
  • Slight camera movement has universal and timeless quality
  • Cineped is camera crew friendly


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