Preston FI+Z3 Wireless Follow Focus

Preston FI+Z3 Wireless Follow Focus


The Hand Unit 3 (HU3) is the industry standard focus control. Its advanced technology empowers the focus puller with a completely new set of tools to get tougher shots in fewer takes. Lens mapping eliminates the need to mark rings for each lens, greatly reducing prep time and standardizing all focus throws to five pre-printed rings, organized by close focus distance.

When used in conjunction with the Light Ranger 2, the HU3 makes achieving seemingly impossible shots a breeze in both manual and autofocus modes. The directional button pad on the HU3 controls the target zone for the LR2’s autofocus, allowing the focus puller to quickly and seamlessly transition to autofocus mode in the middle of a shot and take back over manual control for critical moments.

The G4 wireless system was designed in-house from the ground up specifically for the needs of modern film sets. It is the most robust, reliable wireless lens control system available. G4 features a range of 300m line-of-sight with 60 wireless channels, with channels 30-59 designated as “Blue Dot” channels, featuring additional interference rejection capabilities from both other Preston systems and various wireless emitters on set.

Keeping with the Preston philosophy of rugged, bulletproof products, the HU3 was designed with innovative ultrasonic iris slider technology which means the chassis remains sealed, splash-proof, and dust-proof for sustained operation in even the most extreme conditions. When a Micro Force zoom control is attached, a bright red LED bargraph display illuminates on the HU3 to show the current zoom position. Tactile switches allow the user to set limits for any of the F, I, or Z controls, restricting that motor’s movement for critical or repeated shots.

Technical Data:

  • Channels: Focus, Iris, Zoom (with Micro Force attached), AUX (with MDR-3)

  • Dimensions: 7.2in x 7.6in x 3.3in

  • Display: OLED

  • Frequency Band: 2.4 GHz

  • Input Voltage: 7-9VDC (battery), 10-30VDC (command cable)

  • Maximum Current Draw: 0.2A (at 8V)

  • Operating Temperature: 0*F - 122*F

  • Weight: 40.2oz (1.14kg)

  • Wireless Channels: 60

  • Wireless Range: 300m (line of sight)

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