DCS Red October Underwater Housing

DCS Red October Underwater Housing


The RED Epic/Scarlet housing by Equinox is a professional way to shoot underwater. It allows full control of the camera with manual controls that are easy to use. The housing is customizable depending on the needed accessories. The underwater housing allows for full use of many features including:

Product Highlights:

  • 250' (75 meters)

  • 5" HDMI External Monitor

  • Neutrally Buoyant at 33'

  • Ranges from 25lbs to 42lbs out of water depending on camera lens and accessories

  • Allows for full control of camera, lens and Redmote

  • Customizable to fit battery pack, hard drive, or other accessories

  • Manual gears for lens, focus and iris

  • 6" large dome port

Kit Includes:

  • Underwater Housing Front Plate

  • Underwater Housing Rear Plate

  • Side Handle

  • Side Handle

  • 2x Handle Tie Down

  • 2x Rubber Washer

  • 2x Side Handle Locking Pin

  • Carrying Strap

  • Monitor Mounting Arm

  • 2x Focus/Iris Gear Belt

  • Camera Mounting Plate

  • 2x Mounting Plate Thumb screw

  • 2x 3/8 Bolt

  • 2x 10" O-Ring

  • Dive & See 7" Monitor

  • Power Port Cover

  • Dive & See Charger

  • Dive & See Charger Adapter Cable

  • O-Ring Lube

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