Arri FF-4 Follow Focus

Arri FF-4 Follow Focus


The sleek, black-finished ARRI FF-4 Basic Follow Focus Unit consists of a single-sided follow focus with one standard knob. This robust, economical unit slides onto a pair of lightweight 15mm rods (rods not included). The FF-4 is designed with a 1:2 knob-to-gear ratio for smooth, accurate focus pulls on a variety of lenses. A required focus gear is not included with this unit.

The FF-4 features a modular design that is compatible with most ARRI follow focus accessories such as whips, speed cranks, and knob accessories (available separately). One flat marking disk is included with the FF-4 Basic Unit.

Product Highlights:

  • Slides Onto 15mm LWS Rods

  • Requires Adapter for 19mm Rod Use

  • 1:2 Gear Ratio Suits Variety of Lenses

  • Single Unit for Left/Operator Side

  • Includes 1 x Standard Focus Knob

  • Requires Gear - Available Separately

  • Sleek Black Finish

  • Enables Accurate Focus Markings

  • Compatible with ARRI FF Accessories

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