Arri FF-5 Follow Focus

Arri FF-5 Follow Focus


The modular ARRI FF-5 Cine Basic Follow Focus Set consists of a single-sided follow focus with one standard knob. This unit snaps onto a pair of 19 or 15mm lightweight support rods (not included). The FF-5 Cine combo is designed with a 2:1 knob-to-gear ratio for smooth, accurate focus pulls on cine-style lenses. Two focus gears are included with this unit, one for primes and smaller zooms, and one for larger primes and 35mm zoom lenses.

The FF-5 Cine Set features a modular design that is compatible with an array ARRI follow focus accessories such as whips, speed cranks, and knob accessories (available separately). One flat marking disk is included with the FF-5 Cine Basic Set. The FF-5 Cine unit may be used with an adapter on 19/15mm studio rods.

Product Highlights:

  • Snaps Onto 19 or 15mm LWS Rods

  • Cine-Style Base with 2:1 Gear Ratio

  • Single Unit for Left/Operator Side

  • Includes 1 x Standard Focus Knob

  • Requires Adapter for 19/15mm Rod Use

  • 1 x Gear for Primes & Smaller Zooms

  • 1 x Gear for Larger Primes & 35mm Zooms

  • Enables Accurate Focus Markings

  • Compatible with ARRI FF Accessories

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